The Web3 Journey Begins

Starting the #100DaysOfWeb3 challenge.

Starting the #100DaysOfWeb3 challenge.
Photo by Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash

Hi, fren!

After weeks of overthinking, I have finally decided to commit to the #100DaysOfWeb3 challenge starting Aug 8, 2022.

I have made a list of some great resources but to start off, I'm taking Alchemy's 10-week Road to Web3 program. I'm looking to pair it with freeCodeCamp's 32-hour Blockchain course, available on YouTube, and a bunch of other free resources (more on resources in another post).

The goal? I want to become a smart contract developer in 3 months.

Why only 3 months? Standing at the edge of the rabbit hole, I know it can & probably will take a lot longer than 3 months to achieve this goal, but I really want to push & fully submerge myself in this Web3/blockchain space in these 3 months.

During this journey, you can find me on Twitter at @cryptoshuriken where I'll be posting daily updates & progress. I'll be posting my weekly progress and notes here on this blog.

If you wish to be a part of my journey, please share this post & subscribe to my blog. Subscribing is free, plus it'll help me keep myself motivated when the journey gets tougher.