5 Resources I'm following to learn Web3

In this post, I'm sharing 5 free code-focused resources that'll take you from zero to hero in Web3.

5 Resources I'm following to learn Web3
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Hi, fren!

"No! not another 'X' free resources to learn 'Y' blog post!", you may say. Alright, just hear me out, fren. This may not be yet another ordinary resource list.

Before, getting into the list, a little backstory...

A month ago, I decided to pursue an intellectual curiosity of mine and started learning blockchain development. When I was standing at the edge of the Web3 rabbit hole, I was scared and intimidated by the space. "There's too much to learn and I don't know where to start", I said to myself.

So, I put "how to learn blockchain", "resources to learn web3", "best way to learn web3", and a bunch of other search queries on Google and YouTube. I was surprised to see that there's actually a plethora of information available to learn anything about Web3.

Soon I was overwhelmed and couldn't decide which resource I should follow and wasted a couple of weeks procrastinating, checking out, and going through different resources to find which one suits me the best.

I knew my approach should be code-focused but the resources I wanted to follow should have a healthy combination of theory and practical stuff.

After wasting 3-weeks, I decided to follow these particular resources to learn smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain:

1 - FreeCodeCamp's 32-hour Blockchain & Solidity with JS course by Patrick Collins: If you want to follow just one resource, it's this one. It is by far the most complete and comprehensive guide you can get on Full Stack Web3 development.

The instructor, Patrick, is a lead developer advocate at Chainlink and has a fun way of explaining theoretical concepts as well as code. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

There's a python version of this course too.

2- Alchemy's Road to Web3 program: Road to Web3 is a self-paced program to help new blockchain developers go from zero to hero in 10 weeks. Each week has a video lesson and written material associated with it.

After completing each week's project, you get a non-transferrable Proof-of-Knowledge (PoK) NFT that you can use to show off your skills and build a reputation in the Web3 community.

Apart from that, they have a thriving community of 50k developers and students you can learn and collaborate with on their Discord.

3- Buildspace: Buildspace is a web3 learning platform with a project-first approach. Similar to Alchemy's RTW3, you can build web3 projects, earn NFTs, and get work opportunities in web3.

4- LearnWeb3 DAO: LearnWeb3 DAO is a Web3 education platform where they have 4 different learning tracks (namely Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) based on your knowledge, exposure, and experience in Web3.

Unlike RTW3, LW3 DAO's content is focused on written tutorials, code samples, and quizzes. You may find their content style to be a bit similar to The Odin Project.

5- Solidity-by-Example: Solidity by Example is an extensive collection of solidity tutorials with simple & practical examples with code samples.

Apart from these 5 resources, I also make use of content from some amazing YouTube channels like:

Programs I wish to attend in the future:

  • Artemis' 8-week Smart Contract Engineering program is something that I wish to attend in the near future. Why not right now? Because the program fee costs $2500 and in order to apply for financial aid, one must have some previous knowledge of Web2 and Web3 concepts. So, I'm preparing for that.

Hey, fren, that's it for now! Thanks for reading till the end. Let me know what's your favorite web3 resource and why in the comments below.

And if you found this post helpful or if I made a mistake somewhere, please let me know by commenting below. All the corrections are greatly appreciated.

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